Monday Morning Minute

Congratulations to OLG Student Award Winners

Carson Scholarship-Megan Debski (8)
Jr. Achievement Scholarship-Alexis Zarnick(8)
Pittsburgh Catholic Outstanding Student of the Month-Annie Walsh (8)
Pa. Jr. Academy of Science-Regional Competition 1st place awards-Morgan Bittner(8), Megan Debski(8), Abby Griffith(8) 2nd place awards-Colleen Dougherty(7), Haley Kumpf(8), Jack Radzanowski(7), Joel Skelley(7), Annie Walsh(8)
Pa. Jr. Academy of Science-State Competition 1st place awards-Morgan Bittner(8), Megan Debski(8) 2nd place awards- Abby Griffith(8)
Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair Perseverance awards-Morgan Bittner(8), Annie Walsh(8) Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh Sponsor award-Megan Debski(8) Award for excellence in science method- Megan Debski (8)and Haley Nangle(8) Award for excellence in presentation -Joel Skelley (7)
Do the Right Thing Challenge-Haley Kumpf (8), Teddy Maida (8), Frank Peluso (8)
People to People Student Ambassadors-Caitlin Kenawel (7), Jamie Vidmar (8)
Junior Achievement “Pittsburgh’s Future Now” Competition 1st place-Megan Debski (8), Thomas Heckroth (8), Joe Pipilo (8), Annie Walsh (8) 2nd place-Sophia Charron(8), Abby Griffith (8), Ted Maida (8), Danny Phillips (8), Jamie Vidmar (8) 3rd place-Morgan Bittner (8), Haley Kumpf (8), John Riley (8), Lucas Valderrama (8), Alexis Zarnick (8)
KNEX Design Challenge competition 4th place team- Nicolas Polk(5) , Mario Smith(5), Carter Yanosick(5) and Cooper Yanosick(5)
Mt. Lebanon Dairy Queen Ace of Cakes-Madison Tanczos (7) 











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