General User Policy



This guideline is established to ensure understanding and application of Our Lady of Grace School’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy. Our Lady of Grace School reserves the right to amend these guidelines at any time. It is understood the administration of Our Lady of Grace School will inform teachers and staff of any changes to the Guidelines via a Daily Memo. Faculty and Staff are required to review these guidelines and complete and return the attached Acceptable Use Contact.


This guideline includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

1)      Our Lady of Grace School Computer Network

2)      Information and news from a wide variety of sources and research institutions

3)      Public domain and shareware software of all types

4)      Discussion groups

5)      Access to any educational instructions and libraries





Our Lady of Grace School will make every effort to provide a safe environment for learning with technology including Internet safeguards. The students, faculty, administrators, staff, and school community are granted the privilege of using the computer hardware and software, peripherals, and electronic communication tools including the Internet. With this privilege comes the responsibility to use the equipment correctly, respect the name and intellectual property of others, and follow the policies outlined below.


The user is responsible for the protection of his/her password and is not to share this with others.  If the password is shared, the user will incur any consequences of this action.




Educational Purpose/ Appropriate Use: All technology use and Internet access at schools for all faculty, staff and students is provided solely for educational purposes. Educational sites and teacher created assignments are to be used to enhance student learning. Students must not access entertainment sites, for example social networking sites or gaming sites, except for educational purposes under teacher supervision. Expressed permission to use the Internet and hardware/software in any area of the school must always be obtained.


Copyright/Intellectual Property: All sources obtained for teacher and student work should be properly cited. Users are to respect the rights of and the intellectual property of others in accordance with Federal Copyright Law. Transferring copyrighted material to or from a school without expressed permission of the owner is a violation of Federal Law.


The following actions, which are not inclusive, are considered unacceptable actions by the administration of Our Lady of Grace School:


1)      Users must not use equipment to harass, threaten, deceive, intimidate, offend, embarrass, or annoy any individual.


2)      Users must not use a photograph, image or likeness of any student, or employee without express permission of that individual and of the principal. Users must not use school equipment to create any site, post any photo, image or video of another except with express permission of that individual and the principal. Maintaining or posting material to a Web site or blog that threatens a likelihood of substantial disruption in school, including harming or interfering with the rights of other students to participate fully in school or extracurricular activities is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and subject to the disciplinary measure found herein.


3)      Users must not attempt to circumvent system security, guess passwords, or in any way gain access to secured resources, another person’s files or another person’s password.


4)      Users must not install, move, delete, download, upload, reconfigure, or modify any software or files on school equipment without permission.


5)      Users must not move, repair, reconfigure, modify, or attach external devices to the systems without permission.


6)      Placing unlawful information on the Internet


7)      Using the Internet for non-school related activities


8)      Sending messages that are likely to result in loss of the recipient’s work or systems


9)      Using the Internet for commercial purposes


10)  Using the Internet for political lobbying that does not support the expressed philosophy and tenets of the Catholic Church


11)  Sending or receiving copyrighted material without permission


12)  Plagiarism


13)  Using the Internet access to send or retrieve pornographic material, inappropriate file text, files dangerous to the integrity of the system, violent or threatening material or messages


14)  Circumventing security measures on school or remote computers or networks


15)  Vandalism


16)  Falsifying one’s identity



Reporting: Users must report immediately any damage or change to the school’s hardware/software that is noticed by the user.


Administrative Rights: The administration at any time may add additional rules and restrictions. The school has the right to monitor both student and employee use of school computers. Users understand that the network is the property of the parish/school, therefore, the user is not afforded any rights of privacy.


Consequences: Violation of the above rules will be dealt with by the administration of the school. Violation of these rules may result in any or all of the following:

• Loss of use of the school network, computers and software, including Internet access. The student will be expected to complete work on a non-networked, stand-alone computer system.

• Issuance of infractions/detentions, if applicable.

• Disciplinary action

   Financial retribution if applicable.