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Welcome to Cabaret!





"Who's Dying to be a Millionaire?"


We are so excited about this year's Cabaret show and are ready to get to work. 


The following is the Cabaret practice schedule for this week and next week.  I apologize for not getting it out sooner, I got mixed up last week due to the short week.  The students were told about the practices for this week.

Monday, October 28th (until 5:00)  Everyone

Wednesday, October 30 th (until 5:00)  Everyone

Monday, November 4th (until 5:30) Everyone

Wednesday, November 6th (until 5:30) Everyone

* Please note that November 4th & 6th practices end at 5:30.

Costume Ideas:

For those who work on the TV show (Martha, Sydney, Dominic V., Danielle, and Ella) jeans, t-shirts, flannels, sweatshirts ...think about what someone working backstage of a TV should would look like

For those who are contestants on the show or members of city council (Gino, Dominic C. Zachary, Maura, Madalyn, and Carter)  dress up or well dressed...think about what you might wear if you were going to church, or to show, or to a party

Daria and Kelly...dress professionally like an executive for a company...so a suit or professional dress, etc.

Law enforcement (Katie and Randieh)  black, plain t-shirts and either black or tan pants...if possible maybe a sheriff star

Henry dress like a newspaper writer which could be tan pants and maybe a collared shirt rolled up at the sleeves.

TV Host and Announcer (Willy and Max)  a suit and tie if possible

Sophie (crazy cat lady)  dress crazy...mismatched clothes, cat ears, maybe even a tail...go nuts with it!

I think I got everyone, if not, let me know.  If you have any trouble, also let me know.  


All practices will be held in the Library.


Pick-up will be at the car rider door for each practice.  Please be sure to make arrangements for your child if you cannot be on time for pick-up.  Applications for the After School Program are available in the office; if you think you might have need of this service please register.


All lines should be memorized by Monday, October 21st.